Welcome to Sun Zhuo's Homepage!
Hello! Did you know me? If the answer is "yes", I am sorry that I will waste your time. If you got the negative answer, congratulations! you got the rare opportunity to meet a good friend. You are a single girl? Oh, I think you'd better not let me go.

From the title of this page maybe you have guessed my name. Right, "Sun Zhuo" is it. Can you guess further about my nationality? No, I am not from the Sun, I am living on the Earth all the time. Well, I am a Chinese and now working in Singapore.

Movie, music, book? Too common and I don't want to mention these. As to my hobby, I like computer very much and treat it as a big toy. I think you also like it because you use it to browse my page. That means we've got something in common. So don't hesitate to contact me.

My major is Civil Engineering and Computer Science. My research interests include GIS and Transportation. If you want to discuss these with me, your e-mail will be welcomed. Of course, A girl will get higher priority like before. ^_^

To be continued...