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RESUME: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
PAPERS: A Road Traffic Management System for Dalian Based on GIS and WebGIS [pdf]
A GIS System for Managing and Analyzing Urban Road Traffic Accident [pdf]
A GIS-based Path Searching System For Transit Networks [pdf]
A User Preferable K-Shortest Path Algorithm for Intermodal Network [pdf]
BINARYS: The Shortest Path MapBasic® Toolkit (win32) [exe]
The Shortest Path and Multi-Shortest Path Module's Preview (win32) [exe]
The STP API and Samples (win32 com) [dll]
The Gmail Multiple Notifier for Miranda IM (win32) [dll]
MicroCity Plugin for SAGA (win32) [site]
Remixed digital musics (win32) [exe]
SOURCES: The Shortest Path MapBasic® Source
The Gauss-Seidel Method [cpp]
The Leakage Detecting in Pipe Network